Google Online Marketing Challenge

What is Google Online Marketing Challenge?

Do you know what is Google Online Marketing Challenge, also known as Online Marketing Challenge and Google Ad Grants Online Marketing Challenge?

It’s basically a unique opportunity exclusively for students to get a live experience of creating and managing online marketing campaigns exclusively for real nonprofits by using a $10,000 monthly budget of in-kind Google Ads credit via the Google Ad Grants program. This is a global academic program. It helps in connecting students and nonprofits, to support digital skill development and drive positive change in society.

Who Can Participate in this Challenge?

This Challenge is open only for higher education students from both undergraduate or graduate programs. Students have to form teams of 2-5 members and register under a verified faculty member or instructor already employed by an accredited higher education institute around the world. Google will help student teams partner with select nonprofits that are already part of the Ad Grants program and have opted in to participate in the Challenge.

What is Google Online Marketing Challenge

How Does this Challenge Works?

The very first step is for Student teams of 2-5 members review Online marketing trainings, build their digital skills and pass the Academy for Google Ads Fundamentals Exam.

Now when you are done with this second step comes up to choose & meet with the Nonprofit, student teams partner with an Ad Grants nonprofit, meet with the organization to understand their cause, audience, and their goals, also evaluate their existing campaign structure and see the performance, and develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

The third one step is to use the free Google Ad Grants Google Ads advertising budget — up to $10,000 USD per month — student teams develop and execute online advertising campaigns for at least 4 weeks to help your non-profit partner, drive conversions.

In the last of this challenge, student teams also complete a Post Campaign Analysis and also deliver future recommendations to help their nonprofit partner continue the success online.

Student teams that shows strong Google Ads knowledge, develop a deep online marketing strategy, execute optimized Google Ads campaigns and provide a post-campaign analysis with future recommendations for their nonprofit partner, will receive a certificate from Google recognizing their academic achievement and social impact.

Top performing teams also have the opportunity to submit their story to be featured in Google’s Social Impact Spotlight Series, as well as Hangout on Air with Googlers near and far.

Benefits for Students?

Google Online Marketing Challenge is a tool for bringing marketing theory to life by engaging students in a hands-on learning experience that gives them the opportunity to:

  • Gain valuable business, marketing, analytical and consulting skills via complete practical experience.
  • Contribute to a helpful cause while learning from real organizations.
  • Collaborate effectively in a professional group setting.
  • Building a true and long relationship with a client.
  • Gain exposure to the digital marketing landscape using real money on the live advertising platform.
  • Build new skills that are in high demand in the job market.

So, Isn’t it a big opportunity while helping others? If you want to learn and contribute through this Challenge, you also can register for this Challenge. Please do let me know in the comments below that are you interested or not in joining this Online Marketing Challenge.

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