How to find a good graphics designer

Tips for Finding a Graphic Designer for your Blog

Designing or Blog Design is often a crafty business. It can be difficult finding the right and best graphic designer for handling the design of your blog. Its because everyone does not have the exact and same taste. Designing a blog is not that easy that you can design it by your own, its mainly because if you will do it, it might not look great and here design matter.  This is where it might make sense to hire a professional graphic designer who can handle the job for you.

Its really a great responsibility to run a successful blog. Starting from buying a DSLR, creating good content, then hiring professional services for your blog, and also maintaining the backend part, the job of the blogger becomes all too real.

So, why to waste your time & effort in something you are not the greatest? If you feel you are not good in it, you may take a big risk that can lead to loose your potential readers and sponsors. Think hard about it and make that call. Below are some great tips that will help you take better decision while choosing the best person for your designing part .

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Look Everywhere & Ask

Look around and see what type of blog you like? When you find those, see if there is any credit given to a web designing firm or graphic designer. You will found the credits in the footer part towards the bottom of the page or in the source code. You can send a email to the blog owner and ask them if you can’t find who the design worked. They will be happy to provide you with the information.

Check Out their Portfolio

It really a very time-consuming task but you have to do this, call each designer or even sending emails to them. The best way to find a best graphic designer is by checking out their portfolio. Typically, you will see examples of their best work on their portfolio and be able to decide what their focus is and what they are good at simply by peaking at their portfolio.


You definitely want a graphic designer with experience.

Just because a designer has experience with websites, it means they are good in blog design. Ask them about their experience in specific part, especially blog design.

Discuss & Discuss

Once you have decided on a graphic designer, now make it very clear what you want from them. This thing is very important because after the payment the client and the designer starts cold fight regarding the services which client doesn’t told the firm or designer, so make it very clear before payment.. You want to be specific about the graphics, colors, columns, sizes, etc. Be straight forward and define as possible as much you can, so that you can make a good & smooth relation with your designer.

Why to Hire a Graphic Designer?


Branding for blog design

Branding is a big part while building a successful business. How easily a customer clicks at one of your advertisements only to see what you offer and interesting thing here is without seeing your company name on it? Its all about impression, you really want to bring a professional graphic designer on board to do this hard work. They will ensure your logo; fonts, images and colors are consistent across every medium.

Make a Big Impression

branding and impression

If you are running an offline business and you are the only one who deals in a specific business in your city and around 2000 people are your customers, its an easy thing. However, for businesses who operate both locally and online with thousands or more competitors, you need something to be recognized and make a big impression for your business. Your graphic designer can help design your business blog, logo and even your social media channels and promotional materials. They will do so in a way that captures attention and generates action. Every advantage helps in such a competitive world.

So now what? You’re probably looking for a designer? There are alot to choose from!

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