How To Write Good SEO Content for the Website? (2020)

Do you want to rank your site on Google? or want to learn about Content Writing and how to write good SEO content?

Optimization of the content is not a difficult task but a very important task for ranking your website.

You just want to follow this SEO process and advanced techniques to rank your website. First of all, you want to understand what is SEO and why we need to write good SEO content?

What is SEO and How it works???

First, let’s try to understand what is SEO? We all know that SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization‘ and SEO helps a website to get rank on Search Engines like Google. But how SEO helps a website to rank?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not a thing, it’s a process in which many factors are their… Working on all those factors helps in increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic.

Here the most important thing is Content because it helps in increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. Content refers to any information that’s live on the internet by various sites.

So, To increase the visibility of a website or webpage on the search engine, we have many factors which play an important role in ranking…

Why SEO matters?

It is a very important task for all websites, who want ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, etc…

SEO helps in –

  • Build an online audience.
  • Builds a long term audience.
  • Good Quality Traffic.

And which results in conversions and sales.

Content Is King & Always Be…

Good Quality Content is the first step when we talk about SEO.

Those days are gone, when you write some articles and you got rankings on Google for that but now you have to focus on many factors to write good quality content.

Techniques to write optimized SEO content

There are some tools that help you implement these techniques fastly and smartly. Keep reading and you will get a free tool which I use for SEO on my website. Following are the content optimization techniques used by the SEO content writers to write SEO optimized content:


A keyword plays a very significant role in content writing. It’s the first step in the field that how to write good SEO content for the website?

Tools like Moz, Keyword Everywhere, Google Tag Manager & more…, are used for exploring those keywords that are searched by the users regarding your selected topic.

Take time and completely research the keywords using these mentioned tools above. Choose longtail keywords & related terms that act as a supporter for your content.

Use those researched keywords and sprinkle those keywords & related terms throughout your content.

Start targeting your content for specific keywords from the beginning to the end of the content.


The title tag is one of the most important components for writing good SEO content for your website?

Try to write a catchy title because it’ll be helpful for the readers to know that the post is related to what…

Make sure to use your focus targeted keyword in the title.

Keep your title under 60 characters as the first 60 characters are displayed by Google in the search snippets.

How To Write Good SEO Content for the Website


Always try to choose a short and Google Friendly URL or permalink. It’s very beneficial for you to use the keyword inside the URL.

friendly URL is a Web address that is easy to read and includes words that describe the content of the webpage.

Imagine that both the URL are related to the guide of Digital Marketing


Which would you prefer to click on? Obviously the first one. But why so?

Because you see from the URL, that content is related to what and Google also loves it because it helps Google to provide better user experience to its users.


The meta description is the visible summary that is used on Google by you to show below your title in the search result.

Make the meta description under 160 words. If Google finds a match regarding the search done by the user in your meta description,  they will use your tag.

Make an informative and attractive Introduction of the content which also can be the same as meta description as it is the only part that will help the user get engaged with your content.

Meta Description includes your targeted keywords including some of your content. Write something interesting about your article/content in that, because it will help the user to think about whether to click the snippet or not.

By doing all this, all you’ll get is traffic on your website or blog.


The use of heading tags in your post will improve your content readability. Heading tags includes H1-h6 tags, used at different places on your content.

The uses of the heading tags are as follows:

  • H1 tag is only for the title of your blog which includes your target keyword.
  • H2 tag is used after the Introduction and it’s for the main section of your content.
  • H3-H6 tags are used for the subheadings of your content.

It makes sense to use different heading tags on your blog post. Try to not use similar tags as it may confuse your search engines and user.


How To Write Good SEO Content for your Website
Content Structure

The use of images or videos makes a positive impact on visitors. It makes it easy to consume & read the content. We all are known with a fact that we learn better from the visualized content as compare to written content.

The use of the images and videos helps in increasing the user experience.

The content which contains images and videos helps the user understand the concerned things faster and even Google likes it.

You can also embed content from Social Media like Youtube Videos, Instagram Posts or Twitter tweets, etc.


Internal, as well as external linking, is the root of your content. Both Inbound and outbound links are important for a SEO article. It’s helpful for your readers and Google loves it the most.

  • Inbound links are the links that are going to direct you to another webpage of your own website.
  • Outbound links are the links that are going to direct you to another specific webpage or website altogether.

Both Inbound, as well as outbound links, helps your website in stronger interlinking. Try to always use the reasonable no of links. Just make sure that your links are useful for the users.


One of the important things to be followed while writing good SEO content for the website is to write 2-3 lines paragraph.

The use of short paragraphs makes it easier for your blog visitor to read your content thoroughly. It makes your content less boring and helps in maintaining the Bounce Rate of your website as the more time your user will spend on reading your blog, the more your website bounce rate will decrease.

Try to not write more than 2-3 lines in your paragraph. Use different options like changing your font, use numbers & bullets, highlight your text, underline your text and many more.


When it comes to rank your content on the search engines, be sure that you optimize your blog for the mobile. Also, a study shows that around 75% of the audience access the web through their smartphones.

Nowadays, Google ranks the mobile-friendly websites higher. Because we all are shifting toward our smartphones and Google want to give its users the best user experience. So, Optimizing your blog or content for mobile makes Google happy and it’s an important task now, as it is one of the main ranking factors on Search Engines.

We need to take care of the images you use on your blog. These images should be properly optimized. Here optimization means covering all the aspects focusing the proper length, width, height and the size of the image.


There are better chances of longer posts to be rank higher in the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) due to which bloggers compromise with the quality of the content.

The optimal content length is around about 750-2000 words, but don’t make it your habit to always write 2000 words.

Always try to write problem-solving content for your visitors. Don”t ever compromise with the quality over quantity.

I hope you found these mentioned techniques helpful. You can subscribe to my Youtube Channel and learn how to implement them. You can also purchase the Complete SEO Masters Course and learn the advance techniques along with this.

I hope you got your answer on how to write good SEO content for the website? If you are using these tips, surely you will be able to create an SEO-friendly website or blog.

SEO means high traffic and high traffic means more conversions and sales. Don’t forget to optimize your content for Mobile and also works on building proper backlinks. The longer the time spent by the users, the more beneficial it’s for you. Share with us, we like to hear from you…

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