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SEO or PPC? Know the actual difference between SEO and PPC?

Hey! Are you confused between the difference between SEO and PPC? or Don’t sure on which one to invest your time and money?

Even when I started I was also very confused like you that whether I should invest in SEO or PPC. So, after reading this blog, I ensure you that your confusion between SEO or PPC will be solved.

Many of you may know the main difference between SEO and PPC but I would like to tell those who didn’t know or have confusion between SEO or PPC.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to the organic strategy through which you get visitors and further leads online. While PPC or Pay Per Click refers to the paid strategy to do the exact same thing..

Isn’t it interesting? So which one to choose? Organic Strategy or Paid Strategy.


The confusion is normal because we all want to start with a strong strategy while spending our Valuable time and money, especially in the start. But let me tell you an interesting part that SEO and PPC are both vastly different from each other, both of these concepts have differences in their own ways.

Some People have one more confusion, let me tell you that also that SEO vs PPC or SEO vs SEM, I would like to tell you that both are same. SEM refers to Search Engine Marketing, So don’t get confused in these technical terms of Digital Marketing… SEM and PPC are two different names for the same in Online Advertising.

Now, let’s understand the advantages of SEO and PPC differently.

Advantages of PPC (Pay Per Click)

Google Ads Dashboard

PPC is relaxing work and is totally different from SEO. PPC is simply like ready-to-eat food. Here all you need to do is pay and then sit back and relax and watch the reports. After that you can see an instant boost in web traffic to your website, high traffic definitely means more leads or sales.

It will give you results (traffic and leads) only till you have money in your hands and when your funds or money get deplicated (finished), your ad will stop and again you load the money, your ad will continue… That’s why it’s a short term recipe. But at the same time, it saves a lot of your time and hard work.

PPC is a very simple concept as I explained. There are no highs or lows and the results are always even. This doesn’t mean that anyone can start the PPC ads and you will get the positive results. That’s not like that, You need some skills and a lot of experience to get good Return on Investment (ROI).

Many newcomers in PPC failed because they just start investing without doing any research on keywords and other strategies.

At least, you should know some basics of PPC before start investing in it, there are a lot of terms like CTR, CPC or Average CPC, Ad groups, Bid Strategy types and many more. Without knowledge of these, you can’t get good ROI.

However, in PPC as I told you, our traffic or leads will depend on the money you spend here. In PPC, After achieving some sales from the traffic you can go on spending more and this cycle continues. There is no limit on the amount of web traffic that be brought to your website using PPC.

The more money you spend the more traffic you will get, which results in high sales or good business. Now, Lets talk about the advantages of SEO or Search Engine Optimization too…

Advantages of SEO

The best and biggest advantage of SEO as compared to PPC or any other technique is that it’s “free”, then now and forever. The Money you would spend is much less as compared to PPC. In SEO, You can use and compete for any keyword either – Low competition and high competition and there is no bidding for any of them as it’s in PPC.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization Graph

That’s the reason SEO always gain more importance from experts and clients compared to PPC. Results coming from SEO came forever till your page is ranked on the search engine. You have to maintain the ranking, but that maintenance is easy, once you got ranked.

You might be thinking if SEO has so many advantages then why people invest in PPC. The answer is TIME. Yes, SEO requires a lot of practical work and time over PPC. PPC is instant but takes money. You have to learn SEO techniques like on-page optimization and off-page optimization will keep churning out results unless you change it.


One cannot conclude that SEO is above PPC or vice versa as both are just different. Both are different techniques in the real world to gain traffic and leads. While SEO requires less funding, PPC is costly but also gives immediate results.

Thus, we can say that SEO is a good long term strategy whereas PPC is good in the short term. My suggestion for you will be to start investing in both SEO and PPC smartly. But If you don’t have too many funds then it depends on your product or services you offer. You can do one more thing which is hiring an expert digital agency for one thing and do other by your own while learning for it.

I have many clients who invest smartly by using both these strategies simultaneously where they achieve results using PPC in the starting and till that time get ranking using SEO.

Do let me know in the comments which one is your favorite. After reading this article, I hope you’re clear with the difference between Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click and also which is better and which one to start with.

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  2. Hey Mohit,
    Today’s world is a fast-growing world and everyone wants to be ahead. SEO and PPC are in the same race. Today many us are still get confused when it comes to PPC and SEO. Here you have explained everything nicely. Thanks for the post and keep writing.

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